Vore is an erotic fetish for swallowing (or being swallowed by) an entire person whole. Sonic Dreams Collection draws parallels between vore and rebirth, with much of the collection serving as an exploration of the Sonic fanbase's desire to become the character of Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]

Notable Examples Edit

In Sonic Movie Maker, vore serves as a central theme. In the Feeding stage, Tails is force fed whole by Sonic, (Optional) expanding Sonic's stomach greatly. Later in the Birthing stage, Tails is later pooped out safely through Sonic's anus. The game further explores the concept of vore in the Crib stage by rebirthing the player through Rouge's vagina.

In My Roommate Sonic, the Roommate is eventually swept up into Sonic's massive eye and sits in the fetal position, lost within an empty void. However the Roommate soon transforms into a rather bootylicious Sonic the Hedgehog, where the player is finally told "i hope this is what you wanted".

In Eggman Origin, vore is the only legitimate way to ascend. After feeding Eggman enough worms, the shuttle loop will rise from the ground, and the Hedgie must be devoured by Eggman to proceed to ascension.

Significance Edit

The Sonic fanbase's desire to become the character of Sonic the Hedgehog has resulted in countless original characters, but by taking it a step further to being swallowed and merged entirely with Sonic, the fetish invites some uncomfortable questions about identity and self. Sonic Dreams Collection interprets this as a rebirthing; that the Sonic fanbase's vore fetish is a longing desire to be born into a new persona, only to have the process repeat endlessly without progress.

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