In the Prom scenario there is a slideshow featuring a variety of slides possibly intended to use as a filming backdrop. Each slide also likely has a deeper meaning. This is just one of the many secrets in Sonic Movie Maker.

Here they are in the exact order they appear in.

Lightsaber war Edit

Strange capitalization. Generic looking image of lights.

Emerald "Green" Zone Edit

Despite the name this is actually a picture of Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 and not Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 2. Why the naming is likely intentionally off is a mystery.

Brick In the Wall Edit

Strange capitalization. The title may be a reference to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". Generic looking image of a brick wall.

Lecture Hall Edit

An image of the Nuremberg Trails during post-Nazi Germany. Center of image is Thomas J. Dodd, who's philosophy was to give the Nazis' a fair trial with a fit punishment each.

Winter House Edit

The house from the book Walden or Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau. It was published on August 9th, 1854.

Sailor's Paradise Edit

A generic looking ship.

Making a big entrance Edit

Bizarre capitalization. Fairly shocking image to come across. Generic looking image of a SWAT raid.

Ice Cream fun Edit

Strange capitalization. Features Bill Clinton eating an ice cream (or playing with it?).

Bill Clinton is also referenced on a political comic in the Birthing scenario regarding his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky in the Lewinsky scandal.

Sonic Dreams Collection Edit

Obviously the logo. Maybe the reason in here is because the developers wanted us to analyze the logo more?

The ring in the logo could double as a halo, above a blue cloud, with Sonic's quills above both. Likely a reference to ascension featured in Eggman Origin.

A Fantasy Island Edit

What appears to be the famous painting "Isle of the Dead: Fifth Version" by Arnold Bocklin. It was made in 1886.

The original artist never stated what the meaning of the picture is other than it's a "a dream picture". Of course, the title "Isle of he Dead" implies negativity, stillness, and/or death.

Jazz Pattern Edit

As the name implies it is an extremely common Jazz pattern. It is known as the Solo Jazz Pattern and was created by Gina Ekass. It was used primarily on cups manufactured by the Sweetheart Cup Company and the Solo Cup Company.

The theme of Jazz is also apparent in the cartoon of Bill Clinton playing the saxophone in the Birthing scenario, as well as an egg in Eggman Origin who references a "Glass Sax".

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