SegaNet (sometimes stylized SEGANET) is a program buried in Sonic Dreams Collection's folder structure that emulates a fictional connection to (and hosting of) a SegaNet server through a range of defunct or nonexistent protocols, provided the user inputs the correct username and password. When SegaNet is connected, Sonic Dreams Collection will identify it as a SegaNet adapter and allow Make My Sonic and Eggman Origin to function properly.

Something to note is that the fictional SegaNet actually existed, at least acoording to sprites burried deep into Sonic Eraser.

Location Edit

/Extra Data Files/Unsafe File (use at own risk)/Corrupted Data

Protocols Edit

When connecting to SegaNet, the user is given a choice of protocol, none of which have any effect on the game:

  • Netlink
  • Dreamnet
  • Sega Channel
  • Phone Modem
  • Amped(TM) BoltNet*
  • Neptune Link**
  • SegaNet (NA)

*Amped(TM) BoltNet allows for a third connection option, LOUD SERVER (UNSAFE)

**Neptune Link is greyed out in the protocol dropdown menu and cannot be selected. Possible reference to the cancelled Sega Neptune.

Connection Options Edit

When connecting to SegaNet, two options can be selected. As with the choice of protocol, the options do nothing:


However, selecting Amped(TM) BoltNet as SegaNet's protocol will bring up a third option, LOUD SERVER (UNSAFE). Selecting this option has no effect on gameplay, instead playing the song Loud Server (Unsafe) and pushing up the gain to introduce heavy distortion to the song.

Behavior Edit

After leaving SegaNet running and out of focus for around 45 minutes, it will begin playing bosa until the window is returned to focus. The mute button that appears in the upper-left hand corner of SegaNet only mutes the introductory text crawl and not bosa, and will also shift to other corners of the window at unknown intervals.

Neptune Link Edit

Neptune Link proved to be of great interest to community efforts investigating the game's ARG, as its inability to be selected as a protocol was interpreted as a clue, and a possible next step forward. Hacking the game's code to enable Neptune Link has proven that it behaves as all other protocols do; the selection of protocol does not affect gameplay.

Also an possible reference to the cancelled Sega Neptune, wich was supposed to be a stand-alone 32x.