Robust Worms are the food that the playable Hedgie must constantly feed to Eggman.

Appearance Edit

Robust Worms look just like regular Earth Worms. The only noticable change is that they are shorter, but much bigger in size.

When burrowed beneath the ground, little dust clouds will spray from the ground. While standing close to these dust clouds, the playable Hedgie must use the quack button to make the Robust Worm appear.
A Hedgie Holding A Robust Worm
A Robust Worm Out Of Hiding

Mentions Edit

The first mention of Robust Worms comes from Housekeeper Egg after 1 ascension. The second mension can be heard by Labor Egg, being close to her due. The third mention is heard by Discount, where he "blames you and every mom".

Behaviour Edit

Robust Worms burrow underground, but can be found in the fountain. The number of Robust Worms found in the fountain depends on how many ascensions you have. While underground, the playable Hedgie must use their quack ability to lure the Robust Worm out of the ground. Once out, the Hedgie must pick the Robust Worm up in it's mouth and then bring it to Eggman.

Trivia Edit

.Feeding Eggman enouth Robust Worms will make the Shuttle Loop appear.

.Robust Worms appear to be the Eggy's natural diet.

.It is unknown why Robust Worms come out of hiding by a Hedgie's quack.

.While in the ground, Robust Worms look like pink human fingers.

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