SegaNet has a LoginController class that it uses for checking your login info. It hashes the password, and then it checks it against the 3 hashes found in LoginController.correctPasswordHashes. LoginController has a VerifyPassword function

protected bool VerifyPassword(string attempt)
bool flag = false;
foreach (string hash in LoginController.correctPasswordHashes)
if (CryptoUtil.VerifyMd5Hash(attempt, hash))
return true;
return flag;

Here's where the contents of LoginController.correctPasswordHashes are set

static LoginController()
string[] strArray = new string[3];
int index1 = 0;
string str1 = "dd0ac1dfb130e6b3d23afcc3aff686ad";
strArray[index1] = str1;
int index2 = 1;
string str2 = "13dbdb7f91df34dfa3818dac9a50a19d";
strArray[index2] = str2;
int index3 = 2;
string str3 = "dd31221d0d532dcdafe6c938b17463b3";
strArray[index3] = str3;
LoginController.correctPasswordHashes = strArray;

The MD5 hashes are;

dd0ac1dfb130e6b3d23afcc3aff686ad : whit3glove

13dbdb7f91df34dfa3818dac9a50a19d : whlt3glove

dd31221d0d532dcdafe6c938b17463b3 : wh1t3glove

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