Original Characters ("OCs") are original Sonic the Hedgehog characters created by the Sonic fanbase. OCs are often visually indistinct from Sonic the Hedgehog himself, appearing similar in every regard except for fur color and other cosmetic details.

Make My Sonic allow players to create their own OCs who will then appear in Sonic Movie Maker and Eggman Origin. The customization options are limited, and much like the Sonic fanbase's OCs, all characters will still appear virtually similar to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Eggman Origin Edit

In Eggman Origin, the original character is represented by the Heron who can then ascend to Chao Garden. The Heron retains the OC's fur color, but it's model appears as a head attached to long bird-like legs.

Significance Edit

OCs are a form of self-insertion fantasy into the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, and stem from the desire to become Sonic the Hedgehog himself. OCs are also integral to the concept of vore as a form of rebirth, with the numerous original characters ascending to Chao Garden a reference to the ridiculous amount of OCs produced by the Sonic fanbase.