Moon Egg is a unique Eggy found in Sonic Movie Maker.

Location Edit

Moon Egg is located on the Moon in Hotel. The Moon must be grabbed and dragged towards the player for this Eggy to be reached.

If the player walks inside of the moon, he/she will enter a crystalline green void with a single eye at the center, always facing the player. Also note that when inside the moon, the same sound that the Fuckball makes is played.

Dialog Edit

Try debunking this,

Significance Edit

During a bad acid trip, extreme paranoia is common, wherein others may be perceived to read one's thoughts, or existence itself appears to be an absurd and cruel television show viewed by demonic clown gods inhabiting one's body, etc. During such trips, these entities may speak to the tripper, advising him/her that it is always watching and controlling his/her every thought and action, and mock any vain efforts by the tripper to escape. Additionally, a relatively common schizophrenic perception is that the moon may be watching and controlling one's life. These ideas, while not necessarily true, are utterly non-falsifiable, regardless of the intelligence the individual may believe himself/herself to possess.

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