This is a list of speech bubbles in Sonic Movie Maker.

Backyard Edit

  • Let's go home
  • Toss the ball, Dad!
  • This is fun
  • I love my dad
  • Bark, Bark

Prom Edit

  • Pull me!
  • Promise?
  • This rules
  • Let's dance
  • Watch this!
  • don't touch

Hotel Edit

  • I'm lonely
  • I'm horny
  • H.A.G.S (have a great summer)
  • Never forget Prom '98
  • We fucked!
  • My dream came true
  • Birth control

Feeding Edit

  • Try using 'E' to grab while recording
  • I'm so full!!!
  • Feed me more!
  • Sorry daddy
  • Let me out!!

Birthing Edit

  • It's a Miracle
  • Great job
  • It's not easy being pregnant
  • I'm the father!
  • Pro Life
  • Let me out!!!

Crib Edit

  • Smile for Mommy
  • Oops! Did you have an accident?
  • *Burp*
  • Mama
  • We want nothing more than return to the womb

Roommates Edit

  • No speech.

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