A Hedgie is the form that the player's original character takes on in Eggman Origin.

Appearance Edit

Hedgies look similar to Sonic himself, with only some changes. The most notable change is the lack of a body for the Hedgie. The legs are extended to the point where even their socks are lengthened. Since they are based on the player's original character, the selected colour for said original character will be present for the Hedgie that the player controls.

Behaviour Edit

The goal for the playable Hedgie is to Ascend through Eggman's stomach, and into the Chao Garden. The playable Hedgie has 3 actions:

.Quack (J)

.Dash (K)

.Search (L)

The Quack is used for speaking to Eggys and making robust worms appear.

The Dash is used for an extra speed boost.

The search is used for directing the Hedgie to the nearest robust worm.

Trivia Edit

.The Hedgie can come in different colours, the most popular being Sonic's natural blue.

.The Hedgie acts similar to that of a bird.

.The Hedgie is the only one of it's kind while playing Eggman Origin.