Sonic Dreams Collection Hacking05:37

Sonic Dreams Collection Hacking

A video showing the ability to hack the game.

It is possible to hack the game using regedit.exe, a default program on Microsoft Windows. There are many things you can do with this.

Make My SonicEdit


You can change the name of your Sonic OC so it doesn't have a name generated by the name generator.

Joint ScalesEdit

You can change the size of the body parts on your OC, but these variables use very complex values and may be difficult to change. It is easier to just change the sizes in-game.


These values determine the color of your OC, the R, G, and B values separated into different keys and represented as floating point numbers (little endian) from 0 to 1.

Eggman OriginEdit


This determines the number of Ascensions you have. Changing it is an easier way to unlock the ability to go fast and scan for the nearest worm, and to find secret eggs such as the Hacker Egg. It is a signed integer, which means that any value above 0x7FFFFFFF will be treated as a negative number, and for the most part, Eggman Origin treats any number less than one as zero.

Sonic Movie MakerEdit


This variable determines whether or not you have unlocked the Fuckball. Supposedly, if the value is 0 then you haven't unlocked it, but if you have unlocked it the value is 1. Changing it this way saves you the trouble of bringing the Fake Pineapple to MASTER, but it could be considered cheating.


These variables are set when you complete a level in Sonic Movie Maker. Editing them doesn't seem to do anything.


These variables are set when you unlock a level in Sonic Movie Maker. Setting them to 0 will re-lock the levels.

My Roommate SonicEdit


This variable determines whether or not you have completed My Roommate Sonic. It probably exists so that you unlock the "Roommates" scenario in Sonic Movie Maker after beating My Roommate Sonic.


main_menu_scale_level_h1393008396 Edit

This variable saves the resolution you set the game to. As of 2015, the current default is 0x05 (800x600), and the maximum is 0x14 (3200x2400). Editing it does change your resolution, but not more than your year allows.


This variable determines whether or not the message saying you unlocked the Bonus Stage (the "Roommates" scenario) in Sonic Movie Maker has appeared.


It's not certain what this variable does, but it may determine whether or not your OC has been uploaded to SegaNet, which is required to play Eggman Origin.


SegaNet has a registry folder, but only default Unity registry keys.


Start regedit.exe and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Arcane Kids\Sonic Dreams Collection for the Sonic Dreams collection variables, or to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Arcane Kids\Seganet Server for the SegaNet variables.

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