Magic Z Ball

The Fuckball is the colloquial term for the shining blue sphere unlocked in the Prom stage of Sonic Movie Maker that allows the player to glitch and distort the proportions of the stage used on. Once discovered it is unlocked as a permanent ability in Sonic Movie Maker. The object gains its name from its internal name of fuckball.

Appearance Edit

The Fuckball appears as an Eggy eye permanently enclosed in a mess of glitched blue textures constantly failing to properly position themselves around the eye. These textures appear relative in size to distance from the player, resulting in the textures seeming to grow incredibly large when the Fuckball leaves close proximity to the player.

Behavior Edit

The Fuckball can be spawned in any of Sonic Movie Maker's stages by pressing the Z key. Once the Fuckball spawns on the level, it is unable to be despawned, and continued pressing of the Z key will only respawn the Fuckball on the player, bouncing them upwards or through collision.

Spawning the Fuckball will begin to distort and skew the proportions of the stage it is used in to the point of unplayability without heavy glitch jumping. The Fuckball also introduces heavy static and glitched audio at full volume, and plays a loud cymbal crash upon spawning, making its use purposefully irritating. This also heavily limits the reliability of actual filmmaking and is best used after the film has been fully completed.

Location Edit

To unlock, the player must find the only pineapple in Prom that plays a hard, inorganic sound effect on collision with a surface. This pineapple is located behind the right side of the stage, second pineapple from the back.

Proceed to grab the pineapple and bring it directly under the stage. Use the scrollwheel to lift the pineapple up onto the stage's upper platform, and collide the pineapple with MASTER. Upon receiving the pineapple MASTER will spawn the Fuckball on the upper platform, permanently unlocking the ability.