Within the files included with Sonic Dreams Collection are various hidden or interesting files.

Extra Data Files Edit

/.Legal Fees Edit

/jo Edit

Here you can find "jo.txt". This file seems to claim that one of the developers compulsively buys Earthbound and also includes a quote.


please stop buying Earthbound (SNES) on Wii vertical console we already have enough copies of it nobodies even playing it

​"We do not wish to create JOINDER with you at this time" - Freeman of the land

/Documentation Edit

/Printouts Edit

Here you can find "BringBackBilly.petition". Opening this file with a text editor will reveal the following:

Please bring back billy (hatcher) who has been gone for over a decade and a half. Nows the time to bring back the hatch man. Don't lay another egg on this one sega.


/Unsafe File (use at own risk) Edit

/Rogue Data Edit

Here you can find "" and "debug.txt". Debug.txt contains a list of some sort of parameters and values for a game. The names seem to be ice hockey-related, which could be related to the "Wayne Gretzky" text that appears in SegaNet. There is a newline at the end of the file.

Big Buddy]fat]accel:2;aim:2;attack:4;charge:2;fric:2;mass:3;maxhp:5;maxspeed:3;object:1;sticktype:"stick;turn:2;]stick;attack:-1;charge:1;color:0;curve:2;hna:";level:1;name:"Curvy Oar Stick;object:66;pucktype:"puck;type:"stick;]skates;color:32768;fric:2;hna:";level:1;maxspeed:-1;name:"Ordinary Training Skates;turn:1;type:"skates;]puck;ammo:20;color:65535;hna:";level:1;name:"Boomerang Pucks;object:81;type:"puck;] contains two folders, one called "attic" and the other called "__MACOSX". Inside "attic" are three files, "baseball.bat", "fruit.bat", and "vampire.bat", along with a ._.DS_Store file for Mac users. The __MACOSX folder contains another ._.DS_Store file. The three batch files in "attic" are identical, shown as follows. There is a newline at the end of each file.


RMDIR /S /Q %GIANTSPARROW_SWAN_PATH%\Code\Runtime\Game\Media\asset-web-metadata
RMDIR /S /Q %GIANTSPARROW_SWAN_PATH%\Code\Runtime\Game\Media\Exported

The batch files would remove two directories, and they depend on the value of the environment variable %GIANTSPARROW_SWAN_PATH%. This name is probably related to the game The Unfinished Swan by Giant Sparrow. Ewo downloaded the Unfinshed Swan, extracted everything, but didn't find any file paths like the ones in the batch files. Another anon has defined the variable on their system, and created the appropriate folders, but so far hasn't noticed anything after messing around in Sonic Dreams Collection. So, we don't know of the significance of these files yet, if they have any other than a nod to The Unfinished Swan and Giant Sparrow.

/Corrupted Data Edit

Here is located "SegaNet.exe" and it's data files. SegaNet is necessary to run the game Eggman Origin.

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